Cracking technology to enhance your business

At Nutcracker, we believe that technology should be used to enhance your business and delight your clients. That’s why we specialize in providing mobile applications, client web portals, and consulting services using modern technologies and AI.

As your trusted technology partner, we’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our solutions to meet them.


Our services will Delight your clients and Enhance your business

Nutcracker is a team of technology experts with a difference. We have operated our own business for over 25 years and understand the challenges. We provide the bridge between business strategy and technology. We focus on small and medium sized service based businesses with the goal of enhancing their offerings to their customer and at the same time helping them to automate and improve their business efficiencies. 

Have a look at our core service specialities

Mobile Applications

It always starts with your client. In the modern world, clients are hyper connected. They are on the move and want control and information fast. Your services need to be offered on their terms.

Mobile phone usage is increasing every year. A mobile application is an easy route to enhancing your brand and digital presence.

Don't get left behind. We can help!

Client Portals

Remember your client comes first. They want more control over their products and services with you.

Do your want to build a better relationship with them? Do you want to enhance your brand while at the same time reduce your work effort to support them.

A web portal for clients with advanced AI automation is key to offering this.

Get in touch with us.

Rapid Application Prototyping

Have an idea for a new software application. Is your dev team overloaded. Worried about the cost of creating the application and distraction to your team.

We are experts at creating new applications fast! Get in touch with us and we can help you test out your ideas and get the ball rolling.

Lets brainstorm together!

Digital Disruption Consulting

Are you concerned about all the hype with AI, Chat GPT systems, and blockchain? You should be! Remember you are either disrupting or being disrupted. Nobody wants to have a Kodak moment.

We are the experts who can help guide and advise you through this technology minefield. Lets chat!

Business Automation Strategies

Doing too much manual labour to keep your clients happy. No time to strategise and grow your business.

In the modern world, business automation is essential.

Get in touch and lets see how we can help.

Re-Engineering Strategies

Have you got a great software system but you are finding it hard to unlock its value. Does it take too long to add new features? Want to move to the cloud but not sure how?

We understand. We have been there ourselves.

Let us help you.

Our Products

Smart Portfolios

A mobile application for your investor clients. It allows users to view their portfolios of investments, key metrics showing diversification and other analyses.

They can submit instructions and requests and receive real-time interactive updates from you and your team.

It also provides a means for you to monitor your clients, their requirements and usage patterns. It will allow you to better understand their needs. 

Smart Portfolios enhances your offering to your clients, empowers them to better understand their investments and enhances your brand.

About Us

Nutcracker has a passion for technology and the modern world of digital disruption is our playground.

We have been building software solutions and solving our clients technology problems for over 25 years, with particular expertise in the financial services sector. We specialize in creating innovative solutions to service based businesses,, with a focus on client portals, mobile apps, AI and chat. 

Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with a passion for developing innovative and cost effective solutions using mobile and web applications. artificial intelligence, chat, and cloud technologies.

Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and we are constantly exploring new ways to use technology to streamline processes and drive success for our clients.

How We Work

1. Brainstorm

Lets have a friendly chat and find out your pain points. Will a technology solution really help or will it add to the distractions.

Trying to use technology to solve business process issues invariably results in disappointment and frustration on both sides. Not good for our goal of delighting our clients. 

If technology is the way to go, we can start mapping out the feature list and user journey.  This will serve as the core to the prototype and future versions. 

Onwards to phase 2!