Not your grandmothers chatbot – Part 1

Taken from this LinkedIn post by Dean Casey. Not your grandmothers chatbot – LinkedIn article

So many wealth managers tell me that customer onboarding is a time-consuming problem and headache for them.

At the same time, I have been surprised by the generally negative reaction by many owner operated wealth managers to modern AI and tech solutions. Many don’t consider them to be a viable option to enhancing their client service and automating their businesses.

Why is this?

My initial thinking is it could be perception and understanding.

I understand that we all get frustrated by “Your call is very important to us, but we are experiencing unusually high call volumes …”. It is so annoying. And I am not talking about the dancing cartoon on a web page either.

I am thinking about an AI bot trained on your data that can make up intelligent, context sensitive questions based your instructions. I believe that they could easily become an extension to your business and add always available support to your clients.

To test this theory out, I gave the latest ChatGPT model the following prompt:


I would like you to act as a back-office administrator for a wealth manager company called Nutcracker Wealth. I would like you to onboard a new client by asking all the questions required by a normal wealth manager to capture their clients details. The types of questions should include personal details, address and contact details, investment strategy, and any risk-related questions. When I say go, please say “Hello, welcome to Nutcracker Wealth. Are you ready to get started”. When the caller says “yes” then start the questioning process. When you have all the details you need, end by summarising all the details and asking the user to confirm. Finally, end with “Thank, we appreciate your time. We will send you a confirmation email shortly. Good bye”. Are those instructions clear?


What I got back was nothing short of unbelievable. It blew me away (and I had high expectations to start with). Have a listen to the recording.

(It is quite long but I think the full context is important. Apologies for the poor quality, I am not a media expert so it is a simple recording off my phone. Leave me a comment if you are struggling and I will send you the original. )

Make sure you check out the summary screen at the end.

All I can say about it is WOW!

Ok, I didn’t try and trip it up. I will do that in future posts. This is the standard ChatGpt model without any custom training or fine tuning. You can try it yourself right now.

If your business needs automation to scale, grow and modernise, you need to be looking at AI and modern tech urgently! Please take it slow when implementing these solutions, but stay on top of current trends, or at least make sure your technical partner is.

Don’t get made redundant by AI. Harness it and take advantage of it.

What if AI could replicate you. Would your client’s know?

Stay tuned.